​​Awesome hacks to achieve the best makeup

We all struggle for the perfect most flawless makeup look, but every time it feels like our expectations and results drop to below average. So, in this video, we wanted to help you achieve the best makeup look that looks as flawless as it should be. We demonstrate various step-by-step tutorials for your makeup to help you apply different eye-shadow colors and techniques and how to do the perfect winged liner. Watch out the whole video to discover brilliant makeup DIY’s that will make your full glam or natural look perfect.

– If you struggling with the way your nose looks and you are looking for a way to make it appear thinner. Then try out this little hack we have. We help you contour your nose in order to make it appear smaller and thinner. You simply, dip your tweezers in some cream bronzer and then you apply it on your nose by dragging it down as we show you in the video. Then, you take your makeup brush and you blend it out and voila. It looks like you’ve just had a mini nose job.

– For those who love the beauty of freckles and how flawless and young looking they look. We show you an awesome hack to try. You can create your own temporary tattoo freckles using henna. This one is perfect if you prefer not wearing any makeup and you like that sunkissed summery look. You simply apply some henna dots on your skin and let it sit there for a few minutes, then your remove and voila. It is that easy.

– Sometimes it can be slightly difficult to do your makeup the way you want to, especially when you are short of makeup products and the only thing you have is a couple of lipsticks. So, we show you an awesome hack on how to apply lipstick on both your eyelids and your cheeks too. This way you can create a beautiful pink/reddish makeup look just by using one product.

– In addition to those, we also have some awesome mascara hacks that will completely change the way your eyelashes look. This one is perfect because it gives a very feathery look to your lashes and it makes them appear naturally long.

Watch out whole video to discover many more amazing beauty hacks and tricks to rock your makeup look and look beautifully flawless.
0:37 – Nose contouring hack
1:42 – Color matching foundation
3:12 – Mascara hack
3:45 – Eyeliner hack
4:54 – Cool makeup remover marker
7:35 – Cool makeup brush container
10:22 – Makeup storage
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