​Awesome sewing hacks

There are never enough sewing tips that we can get from each other especially when it comes to our clothes. It can be tricky to sew your clothes and try out different hacks when you don’t have enough guidance. So in this video, we show you easy and affordable clothing hacks that can save your clothes and help you re-invent new ones.

– We show you an awesome way to create your own buttons using coins. This one is perfect if you’ve lost your jeans buttons and you are looking for a quick way to create a new one.

– We know how difficult it can be to have worn cuffs, especially when this happens to your favorite t-shirt, so in order to help you, we found the best hacks that will help you save your t-shirt using a pair of socks. Watch our whole video to see the whole demonstration.

– If you notice a tear in your shirt we show you the best way to sew it back together in order to save it. You simply turn your shirt inside out, and then you sew the tare using thread from the inside and voila.

– For those times that you need to sew on the go, instead of purchasing your sewing traveling kit, you can create one using your eyeglass case and a pair of magnets.

– If you are tired of wearing the same shirt over and over again. Then we show you a perfect way to decorate it by cutting a few slits all around the neck and then tieing them together using some thread as a bow.

– You can make your skirt tighter and fit by trying out our method. You simply flip your skirt inside out, and then you sew the side of it close to the thread on the inside. Then you flip it again and Voila. Watch our full step – by – step tutorial to see the way we do it.

– We know how difficult it can be to fix your knitted sweater without knowing how to knit thread. In order to help you fix all your knitted sweater, we found various different ways to do it in a heartbeat. Even by using different colored thread. In addition to those sewing tips, we also show you a brilliant way to sew your buttons in a floral shape.

Watch our whole video to discover awesome sewing hacks that can help you fix your clothes.
0:38 – How to fix worn down cuffs
1:55 – DIY sewing traveling kit
3:29 – How to tightened your skirt.
6:31 – How to fix your knitted sweater
8:01 – How to shorten your sleeves
10:51 – How to shorten your shirt
12:56 – Awesome sewing apron
15:45 – Measuring tip to cut your clothes
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