The best skincare hacks
Having perfect skin is something that everyone strives for, not just for beauty purposes or for achieving the perfect makeup but also because of hygienic reasons as well. So in this video, we have the top skincare hacks that will help you get the best-looking skin in no time.

Not only does baking soda work miracles in the kitchen, but it also works miracles on our skin as well. If you have enlarged blocked pores, you can make a great face scrub using baking soda and water. In a bowl, add a cup of baking soda mixed with a few drops of water. Then, take a new toothbrush and massage the mixture on your clogged pores. The toothbrush will you exfoliate the skin and the baking soda will remove all the dirt while also sanitizing the area. You can also get rid of dark armpits by using baking soda and water. Watch our video tutorial to see how it’s done.

You can also use baking soda to remove spray tan from your palms. In a bowl add one cup of baking soda and then cut a lemon in half. Then dip your lemon facing down in the baking soda and start rubbing it on your palms. The lemon as an active ingredient like baking soda and mixed together they work miracles on removing staining products such as spray tan.

You can use a balloon as a beauty blender. We all love the amazing makeup blending results that a beauty blender has to offer us. However, beauty blenders are disposable and prone to damage. So for hygienic reasons they need to be replaced quite often. If you are in a situation where you need to use a beauty blender and yours is damaged. Inflate a balloon slightly, apply your foundation on your skin and start blending using a balloon.

If you are looking for a way to make your own tinted brow gel, then we have a perfect way. In a small travel container add some Aloe Vera Gel, and then choose the eyeshadow whose color matches your brows. Then, scrape some of your eyeshadow pans and add it on top of the aloe vera gel and mix them all together. If you are just looking for a DIY brow gel that is clear, just use the aloe vera gel on its own.

You know that you can make your own light coverage foundation that is healthier than any other foundation out there! If you notice that your foundation is just about to run out, instead of getting rid of the whole thing, squeeze some of your face moisturizer inside. This way you can turn your high coverage foundation into a light coverage one or by re-using it as a tinted moisturizer.

You can get rid of dry heels by trying out this awesome remedy. Take an aspirin tablet and using a rolling pin turn it into a powder, then transfer it into a bowl. Then, add a teaspoon of citric acid and one cup of water and mix everything together. Then, transfer the mixture in a plastic back and put your leg in. Then were your socks on top and leave for 15 minutes. You will see amazing results as your skin will start to peel and after 7 days it will be as smooth as a baby’s.

Watch our whole video to discover awesome makeup tricks as well, for example creating a one products makeup look, how to correctly shave your legs and how to apply makeup if you are struggling with your lipsticks and many more. We also included some awesome hair hacks that you can try as part of your weekly pampering routine.
0:09 – DIY face scrub
0:30 – How to remove spray tan
1:45 – How to contour your nose
2:05 – Henna freckles
3:41 – One product makeup look
4:26 – DIY beauty blender
6:24 – DIY light coverage foundation
7:32 – Peel-off mask
9:21 – DIY hair mask
10:47 – How to relieve irritated skin
11:38 – Makeup corrector
13:43 – How to contour your chess
14:33 – Awesome brush cleaning hack
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