Beauty secrets no-one told you about

All of us admire a glowy, healthy looking skin and we don’t realize the true treasures that exist in our kitchen that can be used in our skincare routine. So, in this video, we are sharing with you some DIY skincare secrets that will blow your mind. We show you how to create your own skincare products without spending a ton of money on beauty products that you can create yourself.

Our pores get filled with dirt that forms into blackheads or whiteheads day by day. The combination between the oil our face produces and the air we are exposed to makes us more prone to enlarged clogged pores. So, in this video, we are sharing with you some fun ways to get rid of them using eggwhites and some toilet paper. Add one egg white in a mixing bowl and using a foundation brush apply it on your face. Then, add some toilet paper on your face and again cover it on top with more egg-white. Finally, let it dry for 5-10 minutes, remove it altogether and voila.

Toilet paper is something that never runs out in all of our houses. It’s just like eggs, all of us have more than a dozen in our home, so in this video, we also show you some tips and tricks using toilet paper.
– We show you how you can create beautiful curls using toilet paper.
– We show you a cool workout routine with jumping squats using toilet paper in order to make it less boring.
– You can create a beautiful jewelry organizer using toilet paper rolls in order to keep your vanity organized and fashionable.

For those of you looking to make your skin appear tighter either around your neck or around your belly in order to appear slimmer, we show you how you can achieve that using tape. In addition, we also show you how to use tape to create beautiful feather earrings, we show you how to get rid of wrinkles on your face, as well as a cool color blocking nail design.

Watch our whole video to see all of our amazing beauty hacks and DIY tips and tricks that will improve your overall look.

0:07 – Pore eraser face mask
1:36 – Workouts with toilet paper
3:31 – How to appear slimmer in photos
5:16 – Unusual ways to wear a shawl
8:04 – Baking soda hacks
10:49 – Top secrets for plus size girls
12:32 – Awesome beauty hacks
14:38 – How to fix a broken nail
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