Creative makeup ideas and hacks

Sometimes we get tired of wearing the same makeup look all the time, and, we are looking for ways to get inspired in order to change things up and try different color palettes on our faces. So, in this video, we wanted to share with your some brilliant makeup ideas that are indeed game changers. We demonstrate different ways to use your brow gel, as well as how to make your own DIY makeup products in your beauty routine.

– If you are looking for a way to prevent your lipstick from getting smudged around your lips and eating or drinking try out this little hack we have for you in our first clip. Take some of your clear brow gel and line your lips with it. The gell will create a waterproof frame for your lipstick and it will also keep in place.

– Sometimes applying mascara can cause a huge mess around our eyes, and it especially difficult when you apply your mascara right after you applied you beautiful flawless eyeshadow. In order to prevent any mascara getting on your eyelid and destroying your makeup look. Take a posted note and apply the mascara just as we do in the video.

– Taking your makeup with you on a night out is a necessity, but sometimes when you carry a small pouch it is a no-no situation because you can’t fit everything into your clutch. So, in this video demonstration, we share with you how to make your own makeup samples using tracing paper. Take all the powder products that you just used for your makeup look and then cut come tracing paper in rectangles. Rab the paper on your eyeshadow, blushes, contour powder, and face powder and then fold it and place it into your bag. Then, when you go to the bathroom you can do a quick makeup touch-up without having to take your whole makeup drawer with you.

– In addition to makeup hacks, we also share with you some brilliant beauty hacks that you can try on your skin. For example, if you see that you have dark circles or puffy eyes in the morning, before going to buy the most expensive eye cream, try out this little hack we have for you. Take two tea-bags of green tea that you’ve just taken out of your tea and place them on your eyes (make sure they are warm and not burning hot). Let them sit on your eyes for 10 minutes and then remove. Your skin will absorb all the anti-oxidants and nutrients from the tea and it will help eliminate dark circles right away.

– If you are looking for a way to clean your beauty blender, then look no further than this video. There is no need to buy any makeup cleaning products before trying out this brilliant hack we have. Place your beauty blender in a glass bowl filled with water and then add a lot of washing up liquid on top. Then put it in the microwave for 1 minute and take it out. All the makeup dirt is transferred in the water and your beauty blender looks good as new.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing makeup and beauty hacks that will help you in your beauty and skincare routine.
0:07 – Prevent lipstick from smudging
1:27 – Flawless eyeliner hack
2:10 – DIY makeup remover
3:03 – How to shape your eyebrows
4:22 – How to apply false eyelashes
5:06 – How to clean your beauty blender
5:59 – How to clean your makeup brushes
8:10 – Makeup brush hack
9:46 – Brilliant mermaid makeup look
10:29 – Cool glitter lipstick
10:52 – Glitter eyeshadow hack
12:57 – Makeup display

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