​Absurd and interesting makeup hacks put to the test

Have you ever spend so much time on social media websites wondering if some makeup hacks actually work or not but you were too bored to check it out yourself? Well, we’ve been there, that is why we created this video for you! In this video, we are sharing with you some amazing makeup hacks that actually work and other homemade DIY makeup ideas to help you with your skincare.

Freckles always make us look younger, and as we grow older, sometimes the natural freckles we already have to tend to fade. So, in this video, we show you how you can create your own makeup freckles using hot glue, a fork, and some brown eyeshadow. Simply add some hot glue on a piece of paper, dip your fork in the hot glue and then dip it into some matte brown eyeshadow. Then tap the fork on your cheeks and nose and voila.

If you would like to achieve the perfect smokey eye but you are struggling to define and add the transition shadow to do that; then you can use a bottle cap. This way you can achieve an even smokey eye look on both eyes and it will seem like a professional makeup artist did this for you.

If you notice that your lips are too pale and you’d like to give them their old natural color you can try out this recipe. Simply mix some wasabi alongside some yogurt, apply the mixture on your lips and then remove it after a few minutes.

Eyelash curlers where originally invented to help make our lashes pop. And in this video, we show you how many uses you can get out of this little device.
– You can use an eyelash curler to get rid of pale lips
– You can use it to make your lashes more feathery when applying mascara.
– You can apply eyeliner using an eyelash curler as a guide for the perfect cat-eye.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our brilliant makeup ideas and hacks that will help you become a better makeup artist.

0:07 – DIY makeup freckles
1:21 – Pale lips mask
2:54 – Easy way to clean your makeup brush
3:19 – Brilliant way to use an eyelash curler
5:41 – DIY makeup storage
7:44 – DIY beauty mask
9:23 – Rainbow eyeliner
10:39 – DIY eyeliner
11:37 – Bring a mascara back to life
12:49 – How to fix broken makeup
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