Experiences that make you scream “I can relate”.

When you are in a relationship with someone you love, you feel like you are given a new perspective in seeing things from a different aspect. For example, how long term relationships really are, or little annoying things your partner does that you start to notice after living together for a while. Well, in this video, we are sharing with you some hilarious relatable situation that will make you chuckle.

– Almost all guys will relate to the fact that when they live with their girlfriends or wives they tend to find their wife’s hair everywhere in the house, in their food, pillow, bathroom, floor, drawers and even cupboards.
– But this goes both ways of course, while guys find their girlfriends hair everywhere, girls find their boyfriends socks everywhere. Seriously, it’s like they never even run out of socks.
– When men usually get dressed for a special occasion, they tend to wear just a suit, preferably a suit that they feel looks good on them, but that is how far they are willing to go. Girls, on the other hand, have different clothes for pretty much all occasions, wedding, anniversary, christening, cocktail party, dinner, etc.
– We have to admit though, that girls are a lot less dramatic when it comes to their health than guys. When guys, for example, have a fever, they literally think that they won’t make it while girls, will still go out or do what they have to do that day until they are completely exhausted.
– When guys go to the bathroom, they just go to the bathroom and that is it. When girls go to the bathroom, they could have a chat with their best friends, talk about their problems, take selfies for their social media, have snacks. Pretty much anything you can do at a coffee shop or over dinner.
– When it comes to going on trips girls are experts in taking their whole closet with them. They will pack anything that might be necessary to bring with you as well as items they haven’t even used for years. Guys, on the other hand, will just put a few clothes in a backpack with all their necessities.

0:07 – Guys vs Girls
1:11 – Taking pictures
2:27 – Packing for a trip
4:07 – Morning routine guys vs girls
5:05 – Short term vs Long term relationships
7:11 – Waking up together
8:16 – Preparing dinner
10:22 – With your vs without you
12:08 – What your sleeping position says about your health
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