​Ming blowing beauty hacks

Makeup is such a broad yet specific subject that sometimes we feel like we can’t get enough of it. Sometimes we want to wear makeup because we want to feel more confident, some other times we see is as a form of art that allows us to express ourselves. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing beauty and makeup hacks that will inspire your next look.

In this first video, we show you how you can create your own Ombre lipstick. Ombre lipsticks will both give your lips more dimension and it will make them pop. That is one of the reasons ombre lipsticks are so famous among the makeup world this day. Take your two different yet favourite lipsticks and using a cutter, cut the vertically from the middle. Make sure you remove the front part from both lipsticks. Then switch the front part positions from the lipstick you just cut and then connect them together using your lighter. You can create different colour lipsticks that can match your mood or outfits.

If you are ever in a difficult situation where you urgently need a brow powder and you don’t know how you can do that because you have no makeup products with. Don’t worry because we have the solution. Take one almond, burn it with your lighter and then take the charcoal dust from the almond and apply that on your brows.

Eyelashes are something that all of us girls are obsessed with. Mainly because they give our makeup look a sense of femininity and we feel like true queens when our eyelash is long and curly. Sometimes, however, our eyelashes tend to be droopy and they don’t really compliment our face. So, in this video, we show you the best hack. Instead of resulting into fake lashes, you can burn the end of your eyelash curler and when the eyelash curler is cool to the touch, you can curl your lashes. This trick will lift your lashes and give them the seductive curl you are looking for.

0:34 – DIY brow powder
2:16 – Make your eyelashes pop
4:03 – Homemade beauty recipes
4:36 – How to get rid of stretch marks
5:58 – How to get rid of dark circles
7:59 – DIY peel-off lipstick
9:18 – Cool spinning makeup display
9:39 – Makeup organization ideas
12:25 – How to dry your nails faster
12:42 – Get rid of double chin
14:00 – Lip contouring tutorial
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