Amazing beauty hacks for your pampering routine

If you are tired of having the same routine over and over again when it comes to taking care of your self, then this video is for you. In this beautiful video, we are sharing some cool ways to take care of your skin and some DIY face masks to make your skin glow like porcelain. In addition, we show you some nail hacks to give your overall look some extra boost.

For those of you who do not own an aloe vera, then its time to get one, because aloe vera offers so many amazing benefits to you that you’ll want to use it on a daily basis in your beauty routine.
– If you have dry skin, mix some aloe vera leaves with some honey and apply to your skin to moisturize it.
– In order to get rid of re-occurring pimples on your face simply mix some aloe vera gel with some toothpaste, apply the mixture on your face using a cotton swap and voila!
– If you don’t have a makeup remover in order to remove your makeup before you got to bed, then why not create your own simply using this little hack. Mix some peeled aloe vera gel with some coconut oil glycerol and some hone. Then, dip your cotton pad in the mixture and remove your makeup.
– If you happen to notice your facial skin getting dry and you are looking to moisturize it naturally. Simply cut an aloe vera leaf in pieces and then cut each piece in half. Apply the mixture on your face and voila!

Turmeric, just like aloe vera is abundant in benefits that can be used both on your skin and teeth. So, in this video, we are sharing with you some amazing beauty masks and DIY facial recipes that you can create using turmeric as a basis. In addition, we show you some amazing haircare hacks in order to help you give your hair some glow and bring them back to life.

Watch our whole video to find out all of our amazing DIY skincare and nailcare hacks that you should know. Follow our tutorials and see the brilliant results for your self.

0:12 – Amazing Aloe Vera benefits
1:13 – DIY makeup remover
2:12 – DIY moisturizer
3:20 – Dandruff hair mask
4:35 – DIY face mask
5:56 – Glowy skin face scrub
7:45 – DRY hair mask
8:29 – Get rid of oily skin
9:35 – Color matching foundation
10:14 – DIY deodorant
11:43 – DIY body scrub
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