​Amazing beauty hacks to change your life

If you are looking for a new fashionable way to look even more gorgeous than you already do through taking good care of your skin and trying out new hacks, we show you the best way. We show you some DIY recipes and some cool clothing hacks that will completely change your life.

– You can get rid of annoying pimples using a piece of plaster. You simply place them on your pimples, let them sit there for a while and then remove.
– In addition to those, you can also mix some Aloe Vera gel with some toothpaste apply the mixture on your skin and let it sit there until the pimples disappear.
– With summer just around the corner, and the sun becoming more and more harmful for the skin, sunburn can be unavoidable, so in this video, we show you a cool recipe to treat an annoying sunburn on your skin. Simply add some aloe vera juice in a container and freeze it. Then take on ice cube out and place it on your sunburn to relief the pain.
– For those times that you’d like to take care of your skin do your regular pampering routine. We show you how you can create your own Aloe Vera face mask that you can wear on your skin and nourish as well as moisturize it.
– For those times that you don’t have any shaving cream or any shaving foam to shave your armpits, you can use an Aloe Vera leaf instead.
– If you notice that your hands are too dehydrated and you are looking to moisturize them a bit naturally without using any chemical creams. Simply mix some aloe vera leaves with some honey, apply the mixture on your skin, massage it in and voila.
– For those times that you are looking for ways to look more fashionable, without wearing a lot of clothes, we show you how you can do that using different scarfs.

0:07 – Emergency way to get rid of pimples
0:36 – Brilliant Aloe Vera hacks
1:58 – How to get rid of a sunburn
4:05 – Get rid of dry skin
6:37 – Amazing ways to wear a scarf
11:05 – Everyday problems every girl can relate to
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