Brilliant beauty hacks and crafts

Beauty is such a broad subject that when it comes to identifying what a beauty routine should consist of everyone can become lost. In this video compilation, we are sharing with you some brilliant beauty hacks that have to do with skincare, makeup, hair and clothes that will completely revolutionize your beauty routine. In addition, we show you some cool recipes that will help take good care of your skin as well as some face yoga exercises you should start doing right away.

– Rainbow hair hack
The colorful hair trend has come into the hair/makeup world fairly recently, but not all of us are that brave to dye our hair all those fun rainbow colors we want. Mainly because of the damage it can cause to our hair, or because we work at a job that might not let us. Regardless of the case, we found the perfect hack for you in order to dye your favorite hair color temporarily for fun using eyeshadow. You simply place one strand of your hair through your eyeshadow and then your close it while you run it down the length of your hair. You can mix and match different colors and you can create beautiful colorful looks for any occasion. In order to keep the color intact, you can add some hairspray on top.

– How to make your hair appear longer:
Add some point in our lives, we all wanted to make our hair appear longer, without putting on any hair extensions of course. So, if you would like to make your hear appear slightly longer while you have them up in a ponytail try out this little hack. Part your hair horizontally, then take the top part, put it in a hair tie and secure it on top with a hairclip in order to work on the bottom part. After that, take your bottom part of the hair, put it in a lower ponytail, and finally release your top ponytail from the hair clip. Since the lower part of your hair is in a lower ponytail, it instantly makes your hair appear longer.

– Nail polish remover slime:
You will love this little nail recipe, especially if you are a fan of slime. In this video, we show you how to make your own nail polish remover slime. Here is what you need to do. In a glass bowl add some clear glue, then add some nail polish remover and one teaspoon of borax. Mix the three together and then apply the mixture on your fingers just as we do in the video. Let it sit there for a few minutes and remove. This one is ideal if you don’t have enough nail polish remover at home and you would like to remove the nail polish right away.

– DIY teeth whitening recipes:
In this video section, we share with you some brilliant teeth whitening recipes that can give you a beautiful bright smile.
– Strawberry + toothpaste = gets rid of bad breath.
– Lemon juice + baking soda = removes coffee and wine stains
– Activated carbon + water = eliminates bacteria
– Banana peel = whitens the teeth.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing beauty hacks we have for you. We show you how to make your own makeup remover corrector. In addition, we show you how to iron your clothes without having as clothing iron laying around. Follow our tutorials and enjoy your newly found life hacks.
0:07 – Cool rainbow hair
1:20 – DIY dry shampoo
2:13 – Cool nail polish remover slime
2:44 – DIY teeth whitening recipes
5:11 – Perfect curls with a flat iron
6:02 – DIY makeup remover marker
7:27 – Face yoga exercises
9:11 – How to fix loose boots
10:37 – Anti-slippery shoes
13:20 – How to remove ink stains

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