​Brilliant hacks to upgrade your wardrobe

We all need to upgrade our wardrobes at least every couple of years, in order to match the current fashion trends which have been circling around. However, constantly purchasing new clothes in order to upgrade our wardrobe and throwing away our old ones it’s not a very efficient way to do. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some brilliant sewing tips and tricks in order to help you upgrade your clothes by repurposing your old ones.

We all love our knitted sweaters, especially when we can match them with our favorite jewelry. Sometimes, however, that beloved jewelry of ours can damage our knitted sweaters beyond repair. So, in this video, we show you a cool sewing trick that saves your sweater and decorates it using different colored thread. You can sew little flowers on it, a love heart or even a cool pattern!

If you have a favorite sweater that is torn beyond repair, before you rush to get rid of it, we show you how you can sew little green leaves on it to keep it in place and also use beads to turn them into tiny 3D berries that you can sew on the sweater on top of the leaves to give it extra dimension. This will make it a lot more interesting and formal for all occasions.

If you are ever in one of those unfortunate situations where you lose your jeans button and you can’t secure them in place. Try out our little hack. Take a piece of fabric, it could be jeans or if you can’t use jean fabric find anything you can available and add a coin inside of it! Then, close it using a needle and a thread and then sew it back in the place where the original button was.

If you have a favorite t-shirt that you love to wear on a weekly basis but its cuffs have been worn down, we found the perfect hack for you. Cut off the currently destroyed cuff sleeves and find a pair of socks that match the colors of your shirt. Cut the edges off the socks and sew them in the place where the cuffs used to be and voila!

Watch our whole video to discover all of our sewing hacks that will help you bring your clothes back to life and give them a new style! We show you many helpful sewing tutorials as well as

0:13 – How to repair your clothes
1:20 – 3D sweater decoration
2:53 – How to fix worn down cuffs
3:28 – DIY jean button
5:16 – DIY sewing kit
6:07 – Bar soap cutting guide
6:52 – DIY extra slim skirt
8:58 – How to sew in a straight line
10:14 – Perfectly fitted jeans
11:50 – Amazing embroidery tutorials
12:54 – Tips for perfect sewing
15:32 – How to fix a broken zipper
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