Affordable hacks that will amaze you

Taking care of our selves and paying attention to how we look and how we represent ourselves is vital, especially in today’s society that first impressions matter the most. So, in this video, we wanted to help you with your image and give you some amazing tips and tricks for your appearance that will both save you money and improve your look.

We all know how painful it can be to plug your eyebrows, especially when it’s one of the first times you are doing it. So, if your eye tends to get water every time you plug your eyebrows, then we have the best hack for you! Simply run an ice-cube through your brows before plugging them until the area gets numb and voila!

Nails play such a huge role in our appearance, but sometimes we don’t really have the time or the money to get our nails professionally done. So, if you happen to paint your nails with nail polish and you accidentally made a mistake during the process but you don’t have any nail polish remover, you can use nail polish instead. Simply apply it on your nails and then wipe it off to remove it.

If you happen to run out of shaving cream for your legs but you desperately want to get rid of the excess hair, don’t worry because we have the best hack for you! Simply apply some hair conditioner on your legs and then start shaving. The hair condition will not irritate your skin, it will do the opposite and it will help get rid of the hair as well as moisturize your skin.

We also share with you some brilliant hacks for your bathroom that you will fall in love with. We show you the secret recipe on how to make the best bath bombs in your pampering routine. Watch our video and follow the tutorial to find out! In addition, we show you how to make your own effective bathroom cleaner that will make your whole cleaning process a lot easier.

Watch our video to discover all of our mind-blowing and affordable hacks that you can try right away in your everyday routine.

0:07 – Top secret beauty hacks
1:53 – How to fix a broken lipstick
2:40 – Genius lifehacks
5:37 – Brilliant bathroom hacks
6:52 – DIY bathroom cleaner
8:24 – Brilliant wine cork hack
8:46 – Brilliant toothbrush hacks
10:52 – Crazy tampon hacks
13:29 – Tips for a good night-time routine
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