Money saving hacks for your own beauty

Are you trying to save some money but you’d still like to look gorgeous? Then we created this video just for you. We show you some cool clothing hacks, and by that we mean we demonstrate fun, easy and inexpensive ways to turn your old clothes into completely new clothing items that will blow your mind. This way you can come up with a new fashionable look without spending a penny.

If you notice that your jeans are getting smaller and they don’t fit you anymore, don’t think that you are gaining weight. Sometimes, when we don’t wear our clothes very often or when we don’t wash them properly, they tend to shrink. So, in this video, we show you how you can stretch out your jeans and make them fit you like a glove again.

If your socks are getting slippery and they keep sliding off your shoes while walking, you can put an end to that simply by adding a couple of lines using hot glue. This will help them stay in place while wearing your trainers and it will stop them from sliding off.

For those of you who love hoodies and would like to give their old ones a second life instead of throwing them away, we show you the best way to do it.
– You can attach it to your handbag for those rainy days that you walk home from school.
– If you have a hoodie that you find extremely boring and you’d like to give some life through colors of patterns, we show you a cool idea to that using a fish. Simply add some paint on your fish (not too much) and then press it on your shirt to create a brilliant design.
– If you are going traveling and you’d like to make your hoddie more comfy for those times that you will be sleeping in the airplane or in the train, we show you how you can stuff it with some foam in order to turn it into a pillow during those tiring-emergency cases.
– In addition, we show you how you can use bleach to give your old clothes a new fashionable look.
– If you have an oversized hoodie that you don’t really have any use for, you can turn it into an amazing two piece that you can wear outside. Since two-piece hoodies are quite fashionable these days you can wear it out for coffee or with the rest of your sporting clothes.

Watch our whole video to discover how you can turn an old pair of leggings into amazing crop tops and how you can turn an old shirt into an awesome pair of leggings.

0:07 – Awesome save-the-day hacks to ease your stress
2:04 – 7 ways to transform your old hoodie and T-shirt
5:49 – Money saving clothing hacks
10:41 – Cool shirt hacks
12:46 – Awesome lifehacks for your shoes
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