Heatless hairstyles for any occasion!

Our hair is something that we all struggle with. Sometimes we wake up and we see ourselves in the mirror and we can’t figure out where to begin in order to fix our head. Sometimes a ponytail might do the trick, but in most cases, we can never be satisfied with what our hair looks like. Some other times, we scroll through Instagram and we see those amazing hairstyles that people create and we feel envious of those salon-inspired hairstyles that make someone’s hair look so luxurious and volumized. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some brilliant DIY hairstyles that you can create on your own and make it look like you just paid a visit to your local hair salon.

If you are a bride to be and you are looking to experiment with different straight hair hairstyles, we have some very inspiring step-by-step hair tutorials that will help you get prepared for your big day, or try out what suits you best before going to the hairdressers. You can also try to make some easy hairstyles for your big day and by choosing the right hair accessories you can make a simple look appear very elegant and well put together.

Some people say that having short hair can be very difficult to manage because someone might have a lot of limits when it comes to managing them, but in this video, we show you a lot of short hairstyles you can try that will amaze you. You can try these cute hairstyles at both work or at school and the best part about these is that you won’t even have to use any heat tools. We show you how to do a dutch braid with two strands of hair instead of three and we also show you how to add some volume to your hair.

In addition, we demonstrate how to use some brilliant hair products that will amaze you. We show you how to put your hair up in a perfect bun using a French magic band tool. In addition, we show you how to achieve the perfect curls without using any heat tools. Just some styling accessories.

Watch our whole video to discover magical haircuts we have for you or your kids. Towards the end of the video, we share some simple hairstyles for girls that look absolutely stunning for any occasion. We even have a spidery hair bun for Halloween.
0:17 – Beautiful wedding hairstyle
0:39 – Four part braid
1:14 – Minimalist hairstyle
1:32 – Braid bow hairstyle
2:14 – Braided rose
3:08 – Braided swirl ponytail
3:24 – Short hairstyle ideas
3:57 – Volumised short hair
6:36 – Long hairstyles
7:29 – Romantic hairstyle
9:33 – Perfect hair bun
9:54 – Heatless curls
11:53 – Eyelash curler hack
13:34 – Girls spider hairstyle
14:24 – Girls Long braided bow

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