​​Shoe hacks

​Next to diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend, but if those shoes have that bling and sparkle that diamonds have. Then they are girls most emotionally priced possession. We love sparkles and glitter. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing ideas to help you decorate your shoes and give them that extra extreme touch.

– You can turn your plain white sneakers into fun galaxy sneakers using paint. Firstly remove your laces from your sneakers. Then, take markers with colors similar to galaxy pictures that you can find online, such as pink, blue, black purple, etc. After that, paint your shoes with those markers. After you covered all your shoe area with a marker, pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol to blur out the colors. Then, you simply take a detail brush and you start painting little dots on your shoes using white acrylic paint.

– We also show you a perfect trick to make your shoes or your shoelaces glow in the dark. In a glass bowl mix some soda with one cup of peroxide. Then, add one tablespoon of baking soda and dip your laces inside the mixture. Let them sit there for 5 minutes to absorb all the water and then remove them from the water. Finally, let them dry and voila.

– We also show you an amazing way to bring your shoes back to life using a banana peel. You simply rub the inside of the banana on the surface of your shoes and the peel will remove any dirt and minor scratch. It will act as a shoe polish

– In addition, we show you perfect way to clean the outside soles of your shoes using just an eraser. Watch out the video to see how effective it as we are doing it.

– If you are struggling to tie your shoes, or you feel that the knot/bow is overly complicated, then you will love our little hack. We demonstrate an easy step-by-step way on how to tie your shoelaces in less than 3 seconds.

– It can be quite stressful and annoying when you have to find a way to remove dirt from suede shoes without destroying them. So, we found the perfect hack to help you. You simply file them using a nail file and then you wipe off all the dust and fluff that they collected over time.

Watch out the whole video to discover more shoe decorating hacks and tricks and also find new different ways to tie your shoelaces.
0:57 – Glow in the dark shoelaces
2:16 – How to tie your shoes
2:49 – Ways to tie your shoelaces
6:00 – How to keep your shoes fresh
7:05 – Remove dirt from suede
8:33 – Glow in the dark sneakers
9:53 – Shoebox uses – football
11:22 – Comic shoes
12:49 – Shoelaces hacks

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