Genius makeup hacks to become a better makeup artist

Whether you are going for a full face of makeup or a natural look using minimal makeup products learning new tips and tricks is never enough, especially when it comes to beauty. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you some amazing makeup hacks that are truly genius and can teach you a few tricks to become a better artist and improve your skills.

Contouring is such a huge part of the beauty and makeup community in general and it is also quite difficult to achieve, especially when it comes to nose contouring. So, in this video, we have the best hack for you! We show you the correct way to contour your nose using a pair of tweezers. This hack will help you improve your makeup skills without having to worry if you’ve done a good job into making your nose appear shorter and narrower!

Makeup freckles came into the beauty world to make us look younger and fresher! Some people apply fake freckles using makeup but in this video, we have something new. We show you how to apply fake freckles using henna temporary tattoo! This way you can go out without any makeup while having those cute little freckles shining on your cheeks and nose.

If you’ve ever been into one of those unfortunate situations where you have broken your makeup powders. Then don’t worry because we have the solution on how to fix it make it look like a brand new makeup powder. Simply add some rubbing alcohol into the makeup powder. Press it down with a paper towel and a coin or a spoon and voila!

Watch our whole video to find out all of our brilliant makeup hacks you will absolutely love!

0:13 – One products makeup look
1:16 – DIY Henna Freckles
2:31 – Hacks for makeup lovers
2:58 – DIY leave-in conditioner
4:54 – Useful hacks for natural beauty
6:18 – DIY makeup powder
7:34 – Brilliant hair trick
9:40 – DIY makeup remover
11:42 – Hairbrush hack
14:11 – Magnetic makeup display
14:33 – Lip balm hacks
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