Awesome tricks for your clothes and wardrobe

It is very common to look for different ways to wear our clothes so that we don’t have to go out and spend a tone of money to buy new ones. Sometimes we just need a small change of style in order to feel refreshed without having to spend money or some other times we just need to figure out new clothing and shoe hacks that will save us time, effort and provide us with a new style. So, in this video compilation, we have everything you are looking for. From ironing hacks to creative ways to tie your shoelaces and even different fashionable ways to wear a scarf and spice up your whole look.

– If you are a beginner to ironing your clothes there are a lot of obstacles you can come to when ironing, and the most common one is your shirt creasing on the opposite side from where you ironing. So, in order to help you, we demonstrate the perfect hack. Simply put some kitchen foil on your ironing board and that’s it. The foil will create a smooth surface to work on and also it will prevent your clothes from rubbing against the ironing board’s clothing material which is causing it to crease.

– For those of you who love wearing all-star shoes or sneakers in general, we have the best hack for you. We demonstrate more than 15 ways you can wear your shoelaces at school or at work that it will make it seem like you are wearing different shoes every day, while in reality, you are just changing things up with your shoelaces.

– Sometimes a scarf is all you need to give your look that extra classy feel. And that is why we created this amazing video collection of many different ways to wear your scarf. This one is perfect to try for work if you are looking for different ways to wear the same look but you don’t want any of your colleagues to notice. Using this little scarf hack you can also style all your clothes very differently, you can use one outfit for school or work and then put a different scarf on it and you can turn it into a night-out look.

– How to turn your boring shirt into colorful masterpieces
If you have some old shirts lying around that you haven’t worn enough because you don’t like the way they look, then we have some awesome ideas on how to re-design them and make you fall in love with them again. You can take a white shirt and using c=fabric dye turn it into a beautiful rainbow spiral, or we show you an amazing way to repurpose old dark-colored shirts using bleach. Simply print out the design of your choice and then cut it out as a stencil. After that stick on top of your shirt, put some bleach in a spray bottle and start spraying it on your shirt. The cut out will keep that part of your shirt dark while the bleach will remove the color from the surrounding area.

– In addition, we demonstrate how to decorate your shirt using hot glue sticks. Here is how to do it. Take some colorful glue gun sticks of your choice and cut little equal pieces from each one of them (just like we demonstrate in the video). Then, place them on your shirt in the order you like and turn your clothing iron on. Then using the steam from your clothing iron, melt the glue gun sticks on your shirt and voila.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing clothing hacks, such as how to sew your jeans shorter, or how to fix broken zippers from your clothes and many more.

0:06 – Cool ironing hack
0:23 – Ways to tie your shoelaces
5:23 – Ways to wear your scarf
9:16 – How to decorate your t-shirts
10:37 – Cool Mickie Mouse decoration
11:59 – How to shorten your belt
14:13 – How to remove blood stains
14:36 – How to repurpose old t-shirts
15:01 – DIY mop
15:58 – Cool headband
16:49 – Cute pillowcase

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