Awesome ways to repurpose your clothes into new fashionable items

Keeping up with fashion is not as surprising as it used to be a few years ago, mainly because we all know how fashion keeps circling around with minor adjustments and tweaks to the old ways we used to wear clothes. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you how you can transform your old clothes into awesome brand new items that match the current fashions trends out there.

We all have beautiful scarfs that we feel like we no longer can wear because they don’t match our personality anymore or the current fashion trends, however, because they have such a sentimental value for us we want to keep them around. So, in this video, we show you how you can turn your old scarf into a beautiful eco-friendly handbag that you can take with you pretty much anywhere.

If you ar going for a lovely picnic with your friends and family, we show you how to use a picnic scarf or sheet and roll your drink bottles inside in order to carry them with your securely without them breaking or falling.

We all tend to give our loved one’s little presents that they like, so, if your loved ones like books, we show you how to wrap your books in a lovely scarf and give them to someone who would appreciate it. Wrapping presents in scarfs is a great alternative to wrapping paper, since wrapping paper is not re-usable and not recyclable either while scarfs you can repurpose them into pretty much anything.

If you don’t have any scarfs, after watching this video, you’ll want to buy some, especially for the summer time. In this video, we also show you how to turn your scarfs into amazing summery dresses that will make you look gorgeous. You can either turn them into a beach see-through dress that you can wear on top of your swimsuit or a more formal dress you can wear on a night out.

Watch our whole video to see all of the amazing clothing hacks we have for you! We show you how to style your clothes, and how you can use one single clothing items and wear them in many different ways for different occasions. You can get fashion inspiration from our video about your work outfits or school outfits when you don’t know what to wear and you are on a budget,

0:07 – Turn your old scarf into an awesome bag
1:03 – Awesome shopping/carrier bag using a scarf
2:12 – DIY Laptop bag
5:09 – How to turn scarfs into clothes
7:27 – DIY formal blouse using a scarf
9:17 – Awesome t-shirt ideas
12:30 – 1 piece, 10 outfits
15:48 – Awesome jean hacks
18:03 – Ways to upgrade your wardrobe
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