Are you interested in becoming a firefighter?

Carina takes us to the Bergen County Fire Academy. The Academy has a training program open to anyone, ages 16 and up, who is wants learn to be a volunteer fire fighter. Carina met some Junior Firefighters, who demonstrated service checks, safety regulations, and other rules and techniques that they learn from the 52, three-hour training sessions required of all volunteer firefighters.
We learn that firefighting is not simply aiming a hose at a fire. The trainees demonstrate the use of simple physics to create a fog vent. The water stream is aimed OUT of the window in a cone shape so to create a negative pressure in the room, sucking out all of the heat, gas, and smoke out of the room. Carina asks the Junior Firefighters “can girls be as good as guys at firefighting?’ the answer is a unanimous “yes.” And, the Chief of Bergen County Fire Academy tells us how important volunteers are to fire fighting.
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