G-EAZY HAIRCUT & HAIRSTYLE | Men’s Hairstyle Tutorial | The Beautiful & Damned Inspired

G-Eazy Hairstyle in The Beautiful & Damned Album Cover
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Topic of discussion: What did you think of this hairstyle? Would you rock it?

G-Eazy has been on top of his game lately so I decided to come to Daniel Alfonso’s Men’s Salon to recreate his hairstyle! His hair looks really good all the time, and in the cover of his new album, The Beautiful & Damned, it looks way too good not to be recreated. Wait until the last seconds of the video for the side by side pictures! And don’t forget to try to recreate this men’s hairstyle if you’re into it.

Hair Measurements:
Side Length: 1 inch down to a Number 1 Guard
Top Length: 5 inches in the front, to 3 inches in the back

What I’m wearing:
Leather Jacket: Diesel http://bit.ly/2AYUKVm
White t-shirt: Topman http://bit.ly/2kpVGdE
Necklace: Pyrrha https://goo.gl/cK6XLr
Boots: Dr. Martens http://rstyle.me/~cz-ac69m

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Celebrity Hairstyle Tutorial | G-Eazy’s New Album

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