How to Have Straight Healthy Hair | From Curly to Straight (At Home) Alex Costa

How to have straight, healthy hair for men

Topic of discussion: What did you guys think of the final result?

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In today’s video I try out a new treatment called Agave Healing Oil Treatment. Brazilian Blowouts can be harmful to your hair if not done properly due to Formaldehyde. This treatment is 100% safer as it contains NO harmful chemicals. Plus, you can do this AT HOME, which makes it more affordable and practical. So what do you think of the result? I went from pretty curly, wavy, and annoying hair, to straight, smooth, manageable hair. It also gets rid of frizz!

Agave Healing Oil Treatment:
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What I’m wearing:
Bomber Jacket: Zara
T-Shirt: All Saints
Rings: Serge DeNimes

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How to have straight hair | Go from curly to straight at home
How to have straight healthy hair for men

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